XtremeMac Tango bar – The ultimate USB powered speaker

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XtremeMac Tango bar – The ultimate USB powered speaker

Tango bar speaker for iMac is the latest product from XtremeMac which ensures that the user will be leveraged with twice output power compared to any other traditional speakers. Yes, the device is very well designed and incorporated with latest technology to make sure that it delivers high end and classy audio outputs for the users. The company claims that engineers have added six speakers in the XtremeMac Tango bar which is also enhanced with dual dome tweeters for better performance.

The specialty of the product is that it comes with a single USB connection facility which can easily be connected to any gadget. The single USB is specially designed for power and audio outputs. Moreover there are also additional connectivity options such as the headphone and in-line jack. The ports will help you to connect it with Television or MP3 player.

Other remarkable features are 10 W amplified USB power; this will help the users to resolve all the issues which was faced with the traditional speakers. To leverage the audio outputs in the product, engineers have added mid-range drivers in it. For the extra kick while listening to music there is a technology known as Dual passive radiators. Above all XtremeMac Tango bar has back-lit volume control in it.

Well, the feature makes it clear that XtremeMac Tango bar provides you far above the ground audio output. With the technological advancements, the company has also made it clear about the compatibility of XtremeMac Tango bar. You can place the product easily underneath iMac and enjoy the audio extravaganza which it ensures. As it can be placed underneath iMac you will obviously find it more preferable than any other traditional speakers. You will also be leveraged with a theater experience while listening to music as well as watching movies.

The device will give you a sophisticated look when placed along with iMac in the room. If the only disadvantage which you can find in this remarkable product is that the speaker is not attached to iMac. But this can also be considered as an advantage because the chord is 56 cm lengthy so you can place the speaker at one place and iMac at different place if you are convenient that way.

Most surprising part of XtremeMac Tango bar is its price tag. Even though the speaker delivers you high class facilities and features the manufacturers has categorized it into lesser priced product. You might be surprised to hear that it is priced cheaper; yes, the price of XtremeMac Tango bar is just around Rs, 5,000. You can avail the online purchase option to get XtremeMac Tango bar at this price.

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