Yamaha MCR232 And MCR 332 Audio Systems With iPod Dock

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Yamaha MCR232 And MCR 332 Audio Systems With iPod Dock
Yamaha is a recognised name in the industry circles for the quality products they provide. They have presence in the audio products as well as in the automotive industry also. The latest product that has entered in to the market is Yamaha MCR 332 as well as MCR-232. These audio products are mainly Piano craft micro component systems that come with high quality stereo sound that provides realistic sound effects. Both the products are compatible with almost all the audio products including iPods and iphones. Both the products arrive with a lot of convincing features.

Both Yamaha MCR 332 as well as MCR-232 features CRX-332 CD/receiver that consists of a digital amp as well as an aluminium hairline design that is capable of providing smoother output to two way Bass reflex speakers. The two way reflex bass speakers are supported by three legs that is accompanied by deep cabinets. This design provides high quality resonant bass and also prevents external vibrations without affecting any sort of sound reproduction. The speakers also provide good imaging too. The design is very convincing with Black body panel giving it quite a professional look. The design of this device resembles the design of a piano and the fact is that the design very well suits any part of your house.

In both Yamaha MCR 332 as well as Yamaha MCR 232, Yamaha has made use of advanced ‘Vibration Control cabinet' technology that helps in managing the composite materials in the speakers in order to reduce the distortions related to vibration. The presence of screw structured speaker terminals helps in providing a reliable high quality connection which is of a pretty larger size. In addition to this the advanced version MCR-332 offers banana clip connections that ensure more reliability. Both MCR-332 as well as MCR-232 makes use of Removable Speaker Grills. Both the devices come with a remote control in order to control the overall functions that are present in the device which includes navigations as well as controlling the volumes. Both the devices make use of a digital connection that completely relies on the CRX-332 DAC that provides superior sound quality.

Yamaha MCR 232 as well as Yamaha MCR 332 comes with an USB port that enhances USB connectivity that is applicable to the MP3 players as well. Both the devices also consist of AUX-in terminals as well as Sub-woofer ports also.

The price in India of Yamaha MCR 332 is Rs 20,000 whereas of Yamaha MCR 232 is Rs 17,500.

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