YI Zipper Earphones – Discover Your World

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YI Zipper Earphones – Discover Your World
Listening to your favorite song on your phone can be so pleasing to the ears and soul. But there is one hindrance that is causing a great distraction and it is your earphone wire which gets tangled all the time creating a ruckus when you are in a good mood.

To solve your problem, the new YI Zipper earphones have come into the market which is a great help for those who trip on their own earphones.
The YI zipper earphones is very easy to use. All you have to do is to zip it up when your not listening to music and unzip it when in use.

Many people have found this YI zipper earphones a smart and brilliant idea simply to solve the problem of tasseled earphones which drives one insane.
According to Samuel a gadget lover, he states,"I feel so good and proud of my YI zipper earphones and when I am in public transport those tangled wired users envy me".
This YI Zipper earphones was created by designer Ji Woong to help out music lovers create their own environment of music.

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