1 Million XBox 360's sold in November 2011

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1 Million XBox 360's sold in November 2011

Microsoft is on cloud nine these days, as sales of almost all of it's latest products are doing good. This in turn is leading to high profits, revenues at a never before seen rate.

The latest news from the Microsoft stable is the sales of the XBox 360. Reports state that Microsoft has sold over 1 million XBox 360's in the United States.

This record has set a new precedent & rival brands are engaged in a fierce battle to make the record theirs. The XBox 360's sales figures state that the number of XBox 360's sold in the United States may be even more than 1 Million. The sales figures from the rest of the world is expected to be even more better than the United States' sales figure. Thus, we can say that the Microsoft XBox 360's are being sold endlessly.

Reports also indicate that the Nintendo Wii gaming consoles touched the 860,000 sales figure mark and Sony's Plastation also sold quite well compared to last year, but none could match upto Microsoft's sales figures. Looking at the sales figures, the XBox 360 can be placed in the league of Microsoft's blockbuster product, the Windows XP operating system.

Thus, we can say that a gaming revolution has begun & Microsoft is leading the revolution at the moment. There are rumours that the next product set to be unveiled by Microsoft is the XBox 720, which is also expected to take the gaming world by storm just like it's predecessor.

There is also going to be stiff competition next year as Sony is also rumoured to launch the Playstation 4. 2012 is surely going to be an year of revolutions.

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