10 Most Common Android Problems Solved

Many are aware that Android is an open source platform but, a handful know about the problems which are faced by many Android users. These problem are very common and happen on a daily basis. We have selected a few problems, to which many Android users do not get the Appropiate solution.

Here are 10 solutions to the most common Android problem which are being faced by Android smartphone users. Do take a peek and share your thought with us in the comment box below.

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USB Connection

There's two ways (there used to be three) that Android connects to a computer: Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or Media Transfer Protocol (MTP). ADB lets users interact with Android's operating system while MTP only permits access to specially designated media storage directories. ADB always causes the most amount of problems.

Memory Card Issue

This is a very common problem and most of the time Android experts ask users to format their memory card to solve the issue. If you haven't tried it yet then you need to go to Settings>Storage>Format SD card>Ok. Formating will solve a portion of the issue but if this process doen't work then you need connect the SD card to a PC.

Boot Issue

Many a times users have complained that their devices start to crash when it is booting or isn't booting at all. If you are facing such an issue then please boot your device into Safe Mode. Safe Mode allows users to disable all startup apps that might be crashing the phone. Once booted in through safe mode, you can then remove the misbehaving app.

Power Issue

Users should try to first remove the battery. If the battery can't be removed, hold down the power button for fifteen seconds. If that fails, plug the device into a power source and hold the power button down for fifteen seconds. If that fails, you may need to either have the device serviced or return it.

WiFi Issue

Many a times Android smartphones send out an error message saying that it is unable to connect to the WiFi Router. Its not a major issue to worry about, as the fault lies in your router. So we suggest that you restart both, your router as well as your smartphone.

Internet Issue

Most of Android user complain that their internet is not working properly. Ths issue arises when a user's APN is not configured properly. If you use a prepaid/MVNO to provide Internet, chances are you needed to set up an APN to get mobile data. If these settings aren't properly configured, you must manually set them.

System UI Isssue

This problem has been seen by many and to be honest it's quite frustrating too. We would recommend a restart but if restart doesn't fix it, then a system UI cache clean would definitly fix it. To wipe the cache, go to Settings>Apps>All>Wipe Cache and restart your phone.

Memory Issue

By memory, you might be referring to RAM. The Android operating system works best with a minimal number of installed applications. That's because some apps like to run in the background, even when you don't actually use the app. The more apps installed, the more likely it is that some will run wild in the background. The simplest solution is to uninstall all non-essential applications or swipe them off from the all apps screen, which appears if you long press the menu button of your Android smartphone.

Play Cache

Sometimes your google play store search becomes slow. The reason behind it, is the uncleared cache stored in your device. We would recommend that all users should clear their Google Play cache by going to Setting>Apps>All>Google Play Services>Wipe Cache and then restart your phone once again.

Play Store Issue

Android users sometime experience a very common issue from Google Play Store. That is......Google's Play Store sometime download the apps a user is wanting to download. Either Clear Cache or Wipe Google Play History. If google Play is crashing then follow the steps mentioned previously.

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