22 crore Aakash tablets needed by government

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22 crore Aakash tablets needed by government


The government says that it will require 22 crore additional units of Aakash to take a further step in merging education and information technology. Initially, the government bought about 1 crore tablets but it requires more in the near future.

In order to manufacture such large number of tablets, fresh tenders will be made and companies including Datawind will get the chance. The preparations for the tender are on.

Right now the complaints about the technical aspects of the device like the slow processor, poor battery, overall build and more are being addressed.

The Indian ministry has also received requests for the Aakash tablets from several countries like Africa, Ecuador, Panama and America.

The upgrade for Aakash, UbiSlate 7 is also set for release at the end of this month.

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