A sneak peak into the Windows 8 App Store

Posted By: Rahul

A sneak peak into the Windows 8 App Store

In competition with Apple, Microsoft has come out with plans to integrate an apps store in Pcs, Laptops, Tablets which run on Windows 8. Microsoft calls it's new App store as Windows Store and is expected to integrate this application by the mid of next year.

Ever since Apple launched an App store for it's Mac series, Microsoft had similar plans, but could not be implemented due to certain constraints. Nut this time, Microsoft is all set to totally revolutionize it's PCs with the Windows Store. Through this, Microsoft's net revenue is also expected to go up. Microsoft also plans to split it's revenue equally in consideration with the Apps store as well. Windows store is said to incorporate some of the most revolutionary as well as latest applications. These apps are user-friendly and most of them are open-source as well.

Some of the intriguing features of the windows store are:

There are categories which categorize the apps effectively, thus providing an intuitive app-find environment for the users. There are also categories to categorize the latest, hot favorite apps, as well as hot apps. There is a category filter here as well that helps the users filter the relavant apps. Plus, the users also get direct linkingto the webpages of these apps. If you are an app developer, you can even promote your apps here.

The interface deigned for the homepage is also expected to be visually appealing. In sybc with this, there are a number of free apps and easy installation procedure. These free apps help the users in their day to day activities. The Paid Apps are also incorporated in the windows store that provide a rich functionality to the users.

For Example: There is an app named store-transaction app that is offered in the form of a game. Cool isn't it?. Windows 8 users using Internet Explorer 10 can get maximum out of the Windows store. This apps store will be available once Windows 8 beta is unveiled.

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