A tool to deter and arrest terrorists

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A tool to deter and arrest terrorists

Scientists are striving hard to develop a technology that can get the finger prints and trace the origins of the chemical substances that can be used in the terrorist attacks and in other criminal activities.

The senior editor of C and EN, Bethany Halford focuses on the chemical forensics field that is emerging. The main goal of this field is to use chemistry to trace the weaponized toxic substances and the other related materials to their source.

For example, the chemical forensic can show that the ingredients used in a terrorist's weapon were manufactured in a particular factory. After this, the investigators can check the sales records to find out who has purchased these.

The research in this field has expanded to a substantial amount since quite some years and the main reason is the fund offered by the and its Chemical Forensics Program.

In this research, the scientists of both the above mentioned departments are sending messages to pubic and also to the would-be terrorists.

DHS wants the public to know about the agency's preparation for the attacks in future and also the terrorists to know that they are working on some technology that can arrest them and bring them to light if they attempt to attack.

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