A website tracks all the downloads

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A website tracks all the downloads

There is a new site that knows all the downloads made on the file sharing websites. This website will definitely be of trouble to those people who download the copyrighted movies and music. The new website, youhavedownloaded.com tracks down all the files that are downloaded as its name indicates.

The website maintains a large database with millions of media files that are downloaded and tons of internet protocol (IP) addresses. These information are collected from the file sharing services and websites like the BitTorrent. While you visit the website, it will scan your IP address automatically and then reveal the files that are downloaded by you.

Till now, the website has a database of over 52,286,000 members and about 110,800 torrents that are made out of 1,918,000 independent files. The site will show a sample that displays what the other users have downloaded like the movies, songs, games, convertor applications and more.

Suren Ter-Saakov, the co-founder of this site said that the main aim in building up this website was to make it a proof of concept. The servers of the website does not store any timestamps or collect the personal identification details of the members.

Though there are some limitations and innocence associated with youhavedownloaded.com, it has the complete ability to scare or even shame the people who blindly download the contents that are pirated. The site actually highlights the significant issue that always remains not noted by the Internet users. It is concentrated on the one point that the file sharing networks are common and easy sources that can spread the malicious software.

Apart from downloading the pirated and copyrighted material, while you are on some file sharing website, be highly cautious on what you are looking to download. It is not assured that the particular file that you download is the same as it claims it is. First of all, make sure that your computer has an efficient anti-virus software and for more protection make use of some malware scanning program to run the downloads.

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