Adam Cheyer: Apple Siri co-creator Quits the Company

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Adam Cheyer: Apple Siri co-creator Quits the Company

It is just a few hours left before Apple would launch the much awaited iPhone 5 version. All eyes are glued to the big occasion. However, another news broke out in the online media today which was not so surprising to those who are following Apple Siri closely since it came into limelight since the launch of iPhone 4S in October. One of the co-creators of Siri, Adam Cheyer has confirmed that he left Apple some time back. Though he has cited ‘personal problems’ as the reason for his exit, experts believe that Siri’s failure in the market place could have trigger this decision. 

It may be recalled that Dag Kittilaus co-founder of Siri had also left Apple in April 2011. Adam Cheyer came to Apple from Siri once the latter was acquired in 2010. Siri made a big splash in the market place as the first artificial voice intelligence application. However, the product failed to meet the performance norms as was claimed in the promotional campaigns and advertisements. Siri founders and creators were under severe stress following the reports of Siri’s failure to make the cut in the market. On the other hand Apple’s competitors were able to bring in similar voice intelligence products like S-voice (Samsung) and Google Now (latest one from Google) in the market place which dented any kind of ‘first mover advantage’ Apple had in this. 

With the exit of Adam Cheyer, the future of Siri application looks dismal. It is still not sure on what would be Apple’s plan with this artificial intelligence product. However knowing the company ‘Apple’, we can hope that they will turn around this and will come up with something more advanced and user friendly soon.

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