Adobe Shuts Down Connect Users Forum, Confirms Data Breach

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Adobe Shuts Down Connect Users Forum, Confirms Data Breach

Hacking is not something new to Adobe being one of the largest software makers in the business of digital publishing. This time it is not the software and its services which got hacked, but a user forum was supposedly hacked by a person from Egypt who exposed around 644 records of its user’s data. The data that was breached included emails. Hacker also pointed that he is releasing this information to warn Adobe of being slow to respond to fixing the security flaws.

This user forum is a site used but customers to share information about Adobe’s Connect Online conference service. Adobe was quick to respond to this hacker’s claim and immediately shut down the user forum site. They also clarified that neither their conference service nor any of their other websites have been hacked. Adobe has also announced that they will reset passwords of all the 1, 50,000 members who are a part of the hacked site.

The same hacker has also threatened to release some data which is being stolen from Yahoo server. However, Yahoo refused to comment on this hacker’s claim.  There were also reports that a Russian software security firm Group-IB found out a flaw in Adobe's Reader software. They also claimed that this flaw is being used by criminals to attack PCs with virus infected PDF documents. Adobe spokeswoman Wiebke Lips while responding to this claim by Russian firm said that they are reviewing the reports coming in and clarified that they are yet to get any details including sample malicious codes Group-IB.

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