Amazon Kindle Fire becoming more popular in the tablet PC sector

Posted By: Rahul

Amazon Kindle Fire becoming more popular in the tablet PC sector

Amazon Kindle Fire , the tablet PC for the economy conscious seems to have struck the right cords with the buyers as reports states that the Kindle Fire is ensuring a stiff competition to the Apple iPad as well and other rival brands.( Read the head to head comparison of the Apple iPad2 & the Amazon Kindle Fire)

This means that more and more Kindle Fire tablets are selling by the day. This is expected to grow during the new year which is considered as a peak time for tablet pc buying.

Thus, the Amazon Kindle Fire can be thought of as an alternative to the Apple iPad. One advantage that the Fire buyers will have is the Android operating system that the Fire runs on. Other manufacturers also provide an android platform, but with a reduced price or reduced functionality( more emphasis on profit). This is leading to reduced sales of other manufacturers' tablet pcs.

The Kindle Fire also provides easy and free access to multimedia content such as movies, exclusive Amazon Kindle library, and to applications which allows free sharing.

Sales figures of Amazon Kindle are reportedly set to bloom in the next four years, thus predictions are that the Amazon Kindle Fire is going to top the Tablet PC segment by 2015.

Alarm bells are ringing for rival tablet pc brands and if the same trend continues, the Amazon Kindle Fire is expected to be ranked higher by next year.

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