Amazon Takes On Microsoft With WorkMail Email Service

Posted By: A Vamsee

Leading e-commerce giant, Amazon is getting into competition with Microsoft outlook and Google Apps for business. Reportedly, Amazon has decades of experience in e-commerce and now it is trying to enter into the e-mail service.

As per their new strategy, Amazon has launched a work e-mail service named WorkMail targeting the Microsoft and Google's e-mail services. With this, users will able to send and receive e-mails from business colleagues and other acquaintances. They can also manage their contacts, share calendars etc. All these are stored in Amazon's cloud servers.

Amazon Takes On Microsoft With WorkMail Email Service

The e-commerce giant's new e-mail service won't replace the already existing Microsoft Outlook's software. Instead of changing the business interface, it changes the background technology like powering the e-mail services. All the e-mails will be sent using Amazon's encrypted computer networks for a monthly fee of $4 (Rs. 248 ) per inbox.

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With Amazon's Workmail, users don't have to buy the software or upgrade them and they don't have to manage the servers and patch them. They just have to pay for each inbox they buy.

"Customers have repeatedly asked us for a business email and calendaring service that is more cost-effective and simpler to manage than their on-premises solution,We built Amazon WorkMail to address these requests." said Peter De Santis, vice president of AWS Compute Services in a press release.

According to a spokeswoman Leah Bibbo, Amazon is offering a trail account for 30 days for more than 25 users. After the trail they have to pay the nominal $4 per inbox which will have 50GB storage. She also added there's a bundled option which includes 200GB of file storage using Zocalo and it will cost $6 (Rs. 371 ) per month.

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Microsoft and Google also offers cloud bases services like the Amazon, but Amazon's prices are low and the services are compact comparing to the others. As per a report in the Wall Street Journal, Comparing the sales with Google's business software, Amazon will make $1 billion each year with this new WorkMail.


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