Amazon Working on Set-Top Box Launch for Streaming Media in March

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Amazon has been up to a lot of things (obviously related to technology) in the past few months with the greatest emphasis among them being put to on a rumored set-top box from the company. Now is seems like those rumors are back again with reports of an Amazon-made set-top box doing the rounds yet again.

Now, new reports arriving related to the same state that the Amazon-made set-top box will arrive as soon as March this year and will look to take on the likes of Apple and Roku.

Amazon Working on Set-Top Box Launch for Streaming Media in March

As revealed via industry sources, Amazon is getting ready to launch a Web TV box that will now look to compete with Apple TV and Roku's line of products, making it easier to move video from the Internet onto the user's TV.

"People I've talked to who are partnering with Amazon believe the company is aiming for a March rollout," the report from Re/Code, which cites several sources and insiders, states.

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"That won't be a huge shock, since Amazon has been working on a box for much of last year. The company had planned on launching one in time for the Christmas shopping season, then shelved those plans," it adds.

Apart from that, the set-top box, as revealed via the sources, is also said to be running a version of Android, which is likely to be similar to that of the slightly forked version that Amazon runs on its Kindle devices.

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"What I don't know is whether the device Amazon is producing will also function as a gaming hub," the report further adds. And this, without any real doubt, remains to be seen if Amazon indeed integrates its previous idea of a gaming hub into the new Web TV box.

To date, there have been a few hints on how Amazon would be building a gaming hub. However, only time will tell if those plans will ever materialize.

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