An App to Convert Pizza Craving Perfectly

By: Gizbot Bureau

If you don't know exactly what pizza toppings you would like, a new app would now help you find out. The Tummy Translator developed by Iris Worldwide asks your gut to decide. It takes the rumbles and growls from your stomach and translates them into a specific order of toppings, according to media reports.

All you have to do is hold your phone to your belly and the app will gauge the sounds within to determine whether your body wants a Hawaiian pizza or prefers a Buffalo Chicken.

An App to Convert Pizza Craving Perfectly

The app can apparently identify over 500 foods, as the ad rightly says: "The slightest change in pitch can mean the difference between red peppers and red onions."

According to Domino's, the app uses "Gastro-Acoustic-Enterology" to drive awareness of the brand's fresh credentials and extensive menu.

About 62 percent the company's orders are online, with 50 percent of those being mobile orders, so the brand is hoping to engage those users with a fun idea and some suspect belly science.

Source: IANS

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