An app mistaken as Trojan

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An app mistaken as Trojan

Yesterday we mentioned about a new Trojan in the Android Market. Read out article on New Trojan found in Android Market. Actually this is an app named Android.Counterclank that was mistaken as a Trojan as it imposes some changes in the installed devices automatically.

Symantec termed this app as a Trojan on Tuesday and then clarified that it is not a malware and that it is a programme. The application makes use of an advertisement software development kit that has resulted in suspicions about its behavior.

In the previous report, Symantec stated that this is a Trojan that has a malicious code that can leave the affected devices open for the hackers enabling them to gain access over the sensitive user details in the device.

After further investigations, the apps were found to be an advertisement oriented one that offers in app advertisement revenue to the developers and this exhibited the malicious program behavior. Symantec had sent a ticket to Google asking them to remove the apps and then got a reply stating that the app met with the Terms and Conditions and that they will not remove them.

The advertisement engine in the apps change the browsers homepage usually asking for new bookmarks and also by placing a search icon on it. These changes made Symantec think that it is a Trojan.

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