An App Will Unlock Your Doors

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You can open this lock with an app installed in your smartphone. The lock made by a company called 'August' essentially allows you and anyone you register to open your door with an app.

An App Will Unlock Your Doors

Your friends, family, or even the plumber could download the app, you could give them a code, and they get in, CBS Local reported. You can even have that code expire, meaning they will only be able to access the door for a limited time.

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The 'August' lock costs about $250 and another $250 to install it.

Inspiring as it may sound, security experts are not very enthusiastic about it. Because mobile phones are hackable and if your phone is hacked, you will lose access to your own house.

An App Will Unlock Your Doors

"The population in the planet can now get into your pocket and wallet, electronically from China or some other place.

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When you put your information in any computer device that is connected to the internet then you're talking about the entire world potentially accessing that thing," security expert Silka Gonzalez was quoted as saying.

Source: IANS

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