Android Phone Users Tracked 24x7?

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Android Phone Users Tracked 24x7?

Are you an Android phone user? If you nod your head for yes, then you security is not certain and it has been compromised horribly. As per the reports on many websites and tech blogs, all your activities made on your Android phone from the messages you type, the number your dialed, the searches you performed to the passwords you have entered all are recorded.

Wondering how it is possible on your smartphone? There is a suspicious software that is developed by a company called CarrierIQ and this software captures and records all the keystrokes that are made on your smartphone and then conveys these to the databases of the CarrierIQ company. This spyware actually sits somewhere between the applications in the smartphones and the users and so irrespective of the privacy and the security offered by the apps, this software is capable of grabbing all the data.

This software is claimed to be loaded in the phone without any permission from the users and it runs all the time, that is 24x7 but it doesn't show up to the users as it doesn't appear in the currently running apps list. In case, this issue is proved true, there is really no other great security hole in the field of mobile phone usage as this. The highlight is the inclusion of the such data logging software in the phones without acquiring the permission from the users.

The worst news is that this drawback of the presence of an information tracking software is not only limited to the Android powered smartphones that are developed by companies like LG, Motorola, HTC and Samsung but also present in smartphones manufactured by Apple, RIM and Nokia. The software is included in all the smartphones but it is not sure if the keystrokes are tracked and recorded in them as well.

This news came into awareness when an Android application developer, Trevor Echkart posted a video after finding about this software of CarrierIQ installed in the Android powered smartphones. The video shows how the software tracks and records all keystrokes made on the phones using the geographic locations.

He had done a factory reset for his Android smartphone in the video and then returned it to the condition while it was shipped. He then linked the phone to a computer's screen that openly showed the the data that the software was actually tracking. This demonstration in the video clearly showed how the software recorded each and every keystroke made in the smartphone.

Meantime Carrier IQ has mentioned that its software actually assists the device manufacturers and the and operators in providing excellent quality products to the customers. The software collects information about the users but it is does not pass this information to anyone, it added. The data logging software is certainly not a part of any of the operating systems in the smartphones.

The presence of CarrierIQ's software is also detected in all the versions of Apple's operating system,  iOS including the recent one iOS 5. We had already posted an article on Apple's reaction on the CarrierIQ tracking software present in iPhone. Click here to know more.

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