Android, the smartphone lead bumps iOS

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Android, the smartphone lead bumps iOS

Android strives hard and attracts more and more customers everyday thereby increasing the count more than iOS of Apple in the smartphone arena of United States as per the statistics and analysis of ComScore.

For the reports of three months with October being the last one, the share of Android in the smartphone market of US has experienced a growth of 4.4 points when compared with the previous three months. This growth has helped Android to come to a position of 46.3 percent of users in the market. Apple stays in the second position with a total of 28.1 percent share gained by 1 point in the research.

The third place goes to RIM, the maker of Blackberry with about 17.2 percent overall and with a dip of 4.5 points from the previous three months. The results were bad for both Windows Phone of Microsoft and Symbian of Nokia with both having percentages of 5.4 and 1.6 overall with small dip of 0.3 points each.

About 90 million users in US have smartphones and in this three month period it has raised to over 10 percent when compared to previous three months.

When it comes to the handset manufactures, Samsung was at the top position with about 25 percent share in the market followed by LG in the second position and Motorola in the third with only a small loss in the percentage. The fourth place is occupied by Apple with a percent of 10.8 and the fifth by RIM with a share of 6.6 percent.

ComScore has complied these results and figures with the MobiLens service and by surveying over 30,000 smartphone users.


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