App Cuts Down time at the Counter

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Not enough time to wait around for your coffee or lunch to be prepared at your favourite establishment? The solution is in your pocket.

App Cuts Down time at the Counter

The idea for the new app called Wolt is simple. Use your phone to order and pay in advance for a coffee, drink or meal from your favourite establishment.

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At the other end, your order is received via tablet and you are informed when it will be ready - down to the minute. All that remains is picking up your item. But it is not just about takeaways.

Sidestep long queues and order from your table, for example, and have your drink brought to you instead. It's really simple to use and inexpensive for the restaurant.

"Every order that comes through Wolt is already paid for, so it saves a lot of time. If you receive bigger orders you don't have to take the risk that someone is not going to show up or not be able to pay," said its developer Miki Kuusi in a statement.

Landing in the App Store in March, user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in Helsinki.

Kuusi is in negotiations with significant European restaurant chains and 20 establishments are ready for Wolt in Berlin.

Source: IANS

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