Apple accessory makers at CES 2012

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Apple accessory makers at CES 2012


Apple may avoid CES but those companies that make accessories are in full force at the show. At CES 2012, the part displaying the products related to Apple, iLounge has over 350 companies which is a significant increase compared to the last year with 250 companies.

This increase is because the manufacturers are trying to capture the mobile accessories market that is expected to touch $50 billion by 2015. The products that are linked to Apple are estimated to be a major portion of this segment.

In the past few years, the CES exhibitors have mainly focused on smartphone holders and cases and this year the vendors are highly innovative with their products.

iDevices is the manufacture of iGrill which is a wireless thermometer for cooking that allows the users to monitor the fish or meat through the iPad or iPhone. The device will let the chefs to carry on with the other tasks in the kitchen and indicate to them whenever the food is ready.

The company announced the iShower at CES 2012 which is a water resistant audio system for the iOS devices that are shower compatible. It also announced iNotebook to take notes using traditional notepad and then transfer them to iPad using Bluetooth.

Just Mobile became popular with the AluPen which is an aluminium stylus for iPhone and iPad allowing users to make free doodles and notes. Though the market share of Android, the Google's platform is greater than that of Apple, the Just Mobile focuses on iOS primarily.

Some of the other products for Apple that have been buzzed at CES 2012 are iBaby Labs' iBaby Monitor with which parents can monitor their babies from any location using their iOS device. iHealth has announced a suite of devices for users to monitor the glucose levels in blood and also to check blood pressure using the iOS device.

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