Apple to Add Force-Touch Enabled Displays to the Next iPhone

Apple will start incorporating pressure-sensing Force Touch technology to it's next generation iPhones as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Currently worked up in the Apple Watch and the 12" retina MacBook Apple might rig up their upcoming latest phones with the same technology.

So what exactly is the Force Touch technology? It is a distinctive feature currently on the Apple Watch and the Retina MacBook which lets devices distinguish between a light tap and a hard press, enabling new gestures.

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Apple to Add Force-Touch Enabled Displays to the Next iPhone

Apple Force Touch is a uniquie technology that senses the amount of pressure applied on any device's screen. Depending on the amount of pressure applied on the display, the user of the device will have access to different options and apps.

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The successors of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone6 plus may see such technological advancements. The release of the devices remain due later into this year. With Apple's Force Touch housed into these devices a soft tap and a deep press will be two very distinctive gestures for the device to calculate and respond to.

A very common and simple example of the Force Toych technology can be taken from the piano playing app. This is one app that would respond accurately to this app. A soft touch on any key will produce a lighter sound whereas, a deeper press will produce a deeper and a louder note.

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