Apple allots dummy projects to untrustworthy Engineers

Posted By: Rahul

Apple allots dummy projects to untrustworthy Engineers

Apple, the leading consumer electronics manufacturer always maintains confidentiality about it's ongoing projects. This is made possible by the fact that Apple doesn't trust it's engineers. Yes, according to a  book written by Adam Lashinsky titled "Inside Apple", Apple first assigns dummy projects to engineers that it doesn't trust until the engineers are proved trustworthy.

This is done by Apple to ensure that engineers do not leak out information about the current and future projects. Apple assigns fake projects to new engineers and conducts interviews for these engineers over a period of time until they are proven trustable. Thus, Apple manages to gather information about the engineers leaking out top secret project details. Only when the engineers prove themselves trustworthy, are they assigned real projects to work on.

Since Apple products are highly sought after in the world, a high degree of confidentiality has to be maintained so that risks of rumor creation and speculations are eliminated.

This move also ensures the credibility and skill level of Engineers which enables Apple to come out with latest, never before seen technical gadgets.

Thus, Apple is very selective about the Engineers working on it's technical products and the end result is mind-blowing technical products and the suspense regarding their launch.

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