Apple Drone Concept Looks Really Awesome [PICTURES]

    Drones are fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, one of the big attractions at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) were the range of drones on the display.

    From Intel to Amazon to Facebook - major tech companies in the US are ready to enter this segment. The latest reports suggest OnePlus is actually working on making its very own drone. Cool isn't it?

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    One major tech company - Apple - hasn't yet wished to make a drone. That's not surprising: Apple has always been a secretive company. Unlike other tech companies, Apple does not like to talk about its future strategy, though it's unclear whether Apple would ever make a drone.

    We still don't what Apple is cooking in its secrete lab, but one designer has already conceptualize what's the firm's futuristic drone might look like.

    Coming from German graphic designer Eric Huismann, the drone is called Apple Quadcopter, but it is nothing more than the product of a designer's imagination for the time being, which means that the actual drone, should it ever be launched, will be completely different.

    Be sure to check out more images of the Apple Drone concept renders in the sliders below.

    Apple Drone Concept Looks Really Awesome

    The Apple Drone is itself a sleek, quality-driven quadcopter. It has the typical shiny white and black seen in many Apple iDevices. In the center of the drone's chassis, an Apple logo is present to mark the Apple brand.

    Apple Drone Concept Looks Really Awesome

    Four 4K cameras are built into the Apple Drone. With the new iSight cameras, the Apple Drone can record 4K video at 60fps. In addition, the Apple Drone's cameras can capture a complete panoramic view of any given landscape.

    Apple Drone Concept Looks Really Awesome

    The Apple Drone is also capable of sending real-time HD footage back to your iOS device. You can attach your iOS device to the controller and instantly view captured footage.

    Apple Drone Concept Looks Really Awesome

    The designer failed to mention practical challenges neither he talked about the battery fitted inside.

    Apple Drone Concept Looks Really Awesome

    All in all, the Apple Drone concept certainly looks appealing, although it is only a concept device for the time being. Huismann says an Apple Drone could be available by next year.


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