Apple iPad still not popular with some people

Posted By: Rahul

Apple iPad still not popular with some people

Apple might be happy seeing the overwhelming response for it's latest iPad. But some people still fret at the sight of an iPad. Due to this, the performance of the new iPad may lag considerably. Gizbot investigates the reasons for which the tablet is not popular among people in many countries.

1) It is too expensive: People in countries such as India, Sri Lanka, South Africa among other countries check the affordability factor of a gadget before buying it. So for these reasons, the iPad has been given a miss by a majority of people in these countries. In spite of having some of the best features, the Apple iPad is a no-no here.

2) Happy With “Computers”: Many people  feel that their desktops are their world. They are happy in using the desktops for their activities. In fact, most people even use desktop computers for office work as well. These people preferred rigid desktops for delicate tablets.

3) Microsoft Loyalty: As most people across the world remember the revolution that Microsoft created, they prefer using Microsoft Windows rather than Apple i OS. In other words, Windows has created an everlasting impression which Apple cannot erase.

4) Let Apple reduce the price first: In some parts of the world, people are aware of Apple products & their usefulness, but are waiting for Apple to slash the price of it's various gadgets. Reports also state that people are expecting a price cut based on the lines of the price slash of the new Apple iPad.

These reasons may come as a shocker, but Apple has to accept all these & work on them. This in turn will make the Apple products a lot more friendly among users.

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