Apple iPhone is more money making

Posted By: Rahul

Apple iPhone is more money making

It is official, Apple has overtaken Microsoft and has captured the top ranking when it comes to products and sales figures. According to confirmed reports, the Apple iPhone is the top profit maker for Apple and has single-handedly overtaken the entire Microsoft product range. Microsoft, in spite of coming up with many novel products couldn't even come anywhere near the sales figures of Apple.

The reports also goes on to state that Apple's iPhone generated a revenue of approximately 24.4 billion dollars whereas the revenue of all the products of Microsoft stood at 20.9 billion dollars. This, interestingly was a record sales figure for Microsoft which earned majority of it's revenue through the sale of Windows phones and the X box but is nowhere near Apple's iPhone sales figure.

This trend indicates the wane of Microsoft, which a decade ago was in a similar position in which Apple is today. During the survey period, Apple sold 37.05 million iPhones and 15.43 million iPads which is a record by itself. This has caused the current trend, feel Experts. Looking at all these facts, one question in everyone's mind is “ Is this the end of the road for Microsoft?”

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