Apple Is Now World's Most Valuable Brand: 5 Other Tech Brands Making The Climb

    It looks like Apple is having a great September. It's iPhone 5S and 5C launch went smoothly, the company managed to sell 9 million iPhones worldwide on its launch weekend and now it has been named as the most valuable brand in the world. If Steve Jobs is looking down from the havens, we're sure that he's giving the boys and girls at Apple a gentle smile and nod of appreciation.


    According to a report released by brand consultancy Interbrand, Apple has now surpassed Coca-Cola to take the top spot with Google following closesly at second place. Yes, Apple's position at the top spot is good news for the tech world, but what's even more important is that several other tech brands now dominate many of the top ten positions. Run through the slider below for more information on that.

    Talking about Apple's leap to the top spot, it is worth noting that the tech giant replaced Coca-Cola as first among the 100 most valuable brands based on criteria that include financial performance, an aspect that the soft drink maker has always been on top for. Tracing Apple's climb to the top, the company was in the eighth position during 2011 and then it rose to the second position in 2012 before taking the top spot.

    Apart form Apple, tech giants like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Samsung and Intel have a spot in the top ten. So why are technology companies becoming the most popular brands around? Analysts believe that brands like Google, Microsoft and Apple have a massive influence over our behavior, affecting our spending patterns, our communication modes and other critical aspects.

    In fact you shouldn't be surprised to see tech brands dominating all of the top ten spots in coming years. Why? Because technology is becoming our latest and greatest obsession. For instance, look back a decade during the 2000's. What were college kids and grown up men raving about back then? The latest bikes, cars and movies perhaps? But today, they're all trying to watch the live stream of flagship releases from their favorite companies. People are obsessing about what apps to use to cook and exercise, while everything from your refrigerator to your car is now being connected to the Internet. Brace yourself dear world, for technology is going to sweep you off your feet.

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    Maker of products like the iPhone, iPad and iPod, Apple has zoomed to the top from the eighth place that it held in 2011. Over the years, the company has started growing stronger and stronger in the mobile industry despite the explosive growth of Google's Android. Interbrand assessed Apple's brand to be worth $98.3 billion.


    Google has a powerful influence over your use of the Internet. The average human being uses the search engine at least once a day for his Internet needs. The company's email service has become the most popular option for people around the world and Android is the most popular operating system globally. These facts should explain why Google is in the number 2 spot and why it might just make it to the top in the coming years. In 2012 and 2011, Google was at the fourth spot.


    This US based technology company has been reinventing itself constantly over the years, touching new spheres of business as every given opportunity. Why is it on the lsit? Well, IBM is considered as a Textbook example of how to create, build, and deliver a world-leading business-to-business brand.


    The world's leading software company, Microsoft's OS Windows has a presence on three in four computers used world wide. The company's revenues come from its popular enterprise services and it owns some of the most important applications used in everyday computing. However, Microsoft has been trying to make a transition from a software company into one that offers devices and services. The results of this evolution have not been good so far and might have a negative impact on its brand image a year form now.


    There's are no surprises that the world's biggest phone maker has climbed a spot from last year to reach 8th place this year. Samsung is gaining a strong grip over emerging markets like India, while it already has a huge fan base in Europe and North America. The company saw a 40% rise in brand value in 2012, jumping to 9th position from 17th place in 2011.




    Suffering from a 5 percent drop in brand value when compared to the previous year, Intel has been facing some serious competition from all sides. While it's been able to retain a strong grip over the computing market, the chip maker has not fared well in the mobile and tablet sector, a domain that is currently being ruled by players like Quallcomm and ARM. We don't see the brand climbing places anytime soon, in fact analysts expect just the opposite.

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