Apple is trying to distract from the fact: Qualcomm

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It seems the battle between Cupertino-based tech giant Apple and mobile chipmaker Qualcomm is going to intensify further. Via a recent statement, Qualcomm has said that Apple is trying to distract from the fact.

Apple is trying to distract from the fact: Qualcomm

"Apple is trying to distract from the fact that it has made misleading statements about the comparative performance of its products, and threatened Qualcomm not to disclose the truth," said Don Rosenberg, executive vice president and general counsel of Qualcomm.

Rosenberg said, "But Apple's bigger distortions come in its depiction of Qualcomm's technological contributions to Apple's mobile products as well as our licensing practices for that technology. Apple says Qualcomm's innovations are limited to technology implemented in the cellular modem when Apple knows well that Qualcomm has been the de facto R&D arm of the industry. Qualcomm's patented inventions make possible not only connectivity and high-speed data transmission across mobile networks, but also high-precision GPS navigation, app store operations, power management and battery efficiency, mobile video including advanced compression, graphics, camera imaging and facial-recognition technology, audio quality and audio file compression, and much, much more."

Apple is trying to distract from the fact: Qualcomm

Rosenberg also defended the company, saying, "Qualcomm's innovations are at the heart of every iPhone and enable the most important uses and features of those devices."

"As Apple recently acknowledged it is rarely first to market with any new technology, which shows it is relying heavily on the R&D investments in the most revolutionary technologies by companies like Qualcomm. We are confident these truths will prevail in our legal disputes with Apple," Rosenberg added.

To recall, the whole issue started in January this year when tech giant has filed legal suit against Qualcomm, and alleged that the chipmaker didn't give fair licensing terms for its technology and now the former has expanded its complaint by saying that the later stifles innovation.

Apple says that "Qualcomm's illegal business practices are harming the entire industry."

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