Apple Lightning Connector shows up 4 Chips in Action

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Apple Lightning Connector shows up 4 Chips in Action

Along with iPhone 5, Apple announced a few interesting accessories too, which included a lightning connector – useful to connect many devices to iPhone 5 including chargers and docks. Though this accessory was announced in September, it started to ship recently. 

The new lightning chord from Apple shows 4 distinctive chips in action. There are two transistor chips, then a NXP NX20P3 chip and the forth one, an unknown chip from Texas Instruments (TI). 

A blog from Chipworks took a closer look at this mysterious looking chip from TI. Though they got the marking on the chip as ‘BQ2025’, they are yet to officially locate this chip in the portfolio of TI. 

However, they have found chips with codename much closer to the one they found on this Apple connector likeBQ2022, BQ2023 and BQ2026. These TI chips have some common security and communication features like a common SDQ port for serial communication and CRC generation for secured data transfer. CRC is a technology that uses 5K gates of logic and EPROM with 64/128 bits of storage. This technology basically checks for redundancy in data transfer. 

Chip experts from Chipworks after analyzing these basic components of the chip like the presence of transistors, capacitors and analog circuitry is confirming this TI chip as a standard serial communication chip with basic security features. 

The experts have also commented that this chip carries only basic security features, but good enough to keep the communication safe. According to them, this may be done to keep the cost down. The other chips are pure transistor chips and NXP chip control charging to the peripherals. 

Source: Slashgear /Chipworks

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