Apple misleading people over new iPad?

Posted By: Rahul

Apple misleading people over new iPad?
Apple's new iPad which was launched worldwide on the 7th of this month has found many takers. Apple also seems to be happy with the way the sales of the new iPad are progressing. But amidst all this, the I.T. giant has to court an issue with the tablet.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission of Australia has reportedly stated that consumers were not aware of the real technical specifications of the new iPad & were being misled by Apple. The commission further stated that it would ask a Federal Court to issue the company a directive ordering it to refund people who have fallen prey to it's alleged fake advertisements on the new iPad.

Apple, in it's promotions has said that people could connect to 4G mobile data network with a Sim Card in Australia. But now, the situation is different says the Commission. It also said that people were not able to connect to any 4G network in Australia using Sim cards.

Apple authorities were not available for comment.

With the new iPad's popularity spreading far & wide, various rumors are doing the rounds. This action by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission will reportedly lead to a war between Samsung & Apple which are engaged in a fierce battle over their respective technical products.

Furthermore, this move may also lead to a decrease in the new iPad sales. Apple needs to regroup quickly & must take appropriate measures to move ahead.

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