Apple new iPad hacked?

Posted By: Rahul

Apple new iPad hacked?
The Apple new iPad has been hacked hours after it's release. Hackers broke into the iPad's security within three hours of it being released. The new iPad was released worldwide on the 16th of this month. Musclenerd, a member of iPhone Dev Team has posted a screenshot on the popular social networking site Twitter. This screenshot showed how he got access to the Apple new iPad.

The news of the new iPad being hacked has been spreading like wild fire throughout the digital world. This attack was carried out using the Jailbreak technique. This is a technique in which any person can gain unauthorized access & remove the limitation that Apple imposes on it's devices.

One of the variants of the Jailbreak technique is the Jailbreak iOS. This makes the users of the iOS vulnerable to various types of threats

The Jailbreaking technique is also employed by hackers to break into iPhones as well. This is therefore bad news for Apple new iPad users. As of now there are no signs of any other online attack, say experts. But the question that pops up at this juncture is "Will this security loophole prove costly for Apple?".

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