Apple new iPad replacing smartphones?

Posted By: Rahul

Apple new iPad replacing smartphones?
The latest installment of the hugely famous Apple iPads was launched yesterday. This gadget is termed as the new iPad. The popularity of this tablet PC has risen in such a way that the very existence of smartphones is being threatened.

Yes, a latest study reports that people are embracing the new iPad with great enthusiasm. This in turn is leading to a sharp decline in smartphone preference and usage among people. Astonishingly, this trend has been observed on the very first day of the new iPad launch. Experts say that if this is the trend on the very first day, then the future is certainly predictable. Experts are also of the opinion that at the speed in which the latest generation of iPad is gaining popularity, people all over the world will soon forget their smartphones & are likely to switch over to iPads & iPhones.

People generally prefer smartphones for the rich functionality they provide. This functionality comes at a high cost. Now, with the new Apple iPad providing all the expected functionality at even a lesser cost than smartphones, people will surely prefer the former over the latter. The study also reports that for calling purposes, the respondents didn't even mind buying an iPhone. Thus, we can see that the latest gadgets that are being launched are taking the people across the world by storm. If this trend persists then people cannot find smartphones at all in future.

This can also be attributed to the over dependance on technology by people even for tasks that do not require the usage of technology. By observing all these we can say that “Technology is the biggest enemy of technology”.

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