Apple offers an early iOS 5.1 taste for developers

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Apple offers an early iOS 5.1 taste for developers

Apple recently released the iOS 5, a new mobile platform in the second quarter of 2011 and employed it in the iPhone 4S. This new platform has lot of advanced features and options but there are always some drawbacks in every new software that is released. The company is now trying to launch a new operating system update to rectify all these issues and satisfy the users of iPhone and iPad.

Meantime, the company has developed the newer version iOS 5.1, the first important update to the iOS 5 after its release. This is actually a supplementary update of the software that experienced lot of security holes and bugs. These issues were fixed early this month and also the company has promised to resolve the issue of the poor battery performance that is experienced by some of the users.

The complete release notes about the software were got released and the developers will get access to test it only after signing an agreement of non-disclosure. These release notes have not mentioned anything about the new features in this software other than the anticipation it has created. A report had stated that the iOS 5.1 might add some good features to Siri like hardware controls that allow the users to tweak things like Bluetooth radios and Wi-Fi using the voice assistant in iPhone 4S.

The main think that this update has debunked is nothing other than the iOS 5.0.2 release which as per the report should have been released last week. The update that got missed was supposed to make some improvements to the battery life especially for those users who were experiencing problems with it. Apple has the history of launching minor updates quickly in no time and the iOS 5 will also not find an escape from this.

The iOS 4.1 that was released in September last year introduced features like ability to shoot a range of high dynamic photos using the in-built camera application of iPhone, high definition video uploading through Wi-Fi, GameCenter and iTunes TV show rentals. This update experienced an issue with the proximity sensor and also with the overall speed of the system when it came to the 3G users of iPhone.


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