Apple Seeks To Ban Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note

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Apple Seeks To Ban Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note

Apple-Samsung rivalry seems to have taken a new turn with Apple now seeking a ban on Samsung Galaxy SIII and Samsung Galaxy Note. Apple has filed a patent complaint against Samsung with the US District Court of Northern California. With this latest development, it seems that there is no end to the bitter dispute between Apple and Samsung.

Apple recently won a patent battle with Samsung in which Samsung was fined $1 billion for damages. If these latest developments are anything to go by, then Samsung’s best selling devices in the US market are already in trouble.

Reports suggest Samsung to have sold almost 10 million units of Samsung Galaxy SIII within the first month after its launch. Any ban on these devices can prove to be a major financial blow for Samsung. Samsung representatives were quoted saying, “Apple continues to resort to litigation over market competition in an effort to limit consumer choice. We will continue to take the necessary legal measures to ensure availability of our innovative products in the United States.”

Apple on the other hand was found accusing Samsung by saying,” Samsung has systematically copied Apple’s innovative technology and products, features and designs, and has deluged markets with infringing devices in an effort to usurp market share from Apple.”

As per the latest patent complaint filed by Apple Samsung despite losing the law suit is continuing to release copycat products to the market. Apple is blaming on Samsung on continued infringement. 

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