Apple Siri speaks Hindi! [Video]

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Apple Siri speaks Hindi! [Video]

Siri, the voice recognition software in the Apple iPhone 4S started with English. It was launched along with the iOS 5.1. The support to Japanese rolled out then. Later this year, it will also have support to Chinese, Spanish, Italian and Korean. However, now Siri can talk in Hindi.

Kunal Kual has made this discovery. He set up Siri to offer responses to questions asked in Hindi. This was done using a proxy server. He says that Siri on his iPhone connects to the Google API server to respond in Hindi. He has also posted a short video on how Siri responds in the Indian language on YouTube.

Interestingly, he asks questions in English and the personal assistant responds to them in Hindi. It seems like Siri can't understand Hindi but translate the response to Hindi. Have a look at the video in which Siri offers responses in Hindi in the Devnagiri script.

Currently, Siri supports four languages namely, English, German, French and Japanese. Hindi has made it though it was not in the list of regional languages to be supported. If all the native languages of India make their way to this voice assistant, it will be amazing.

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