Apple spying on private data

Posted By: Rahul

Apple spying on private data

The data which you have stored on your i Phones, i Pads, iPod Touch are not safe anymore. Yes, a recent study has revealed that various Apple apps were invading into the address book of users & accessing their personal data.

This “Hacking” is not restricted to just the address books as even your private photos are highly vulnerable & can be spied upon by Apple. Apple developers have even been accused of trying to gain access to photos apart from other private user data. The study also further revealed that apple approved apps that were considered as “potential hackers” as they copied address book data of users. This reportedly is against the ethical practices of Apple, but how Apple approved these apps, no one knows.

In 2010, access was permitted to the photo library when the i OS fourth version was released. But now this access is not granted & is blocked. Thus, we can easily make out that there is a loophole in this mechanism. Apple has reportedly declined to comment on this issue now.

Now everybody's attention has turned towards the Google android operating system & how Google is handling these apps.

Thus, seeing these instances we can say that private data is not private anymore. Do reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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