Apple support helps even thieves!

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Apple support helps even thieves!


The after sales services offered by Apple are appreciated by all the users as it is more efficient than that offered by the other smartphone manufacturers. The company resolves the issues without any trouble. It also replaces the handsets that are broken and the warranty allows the customers to replace their handsets or else pay a lesser amount for the affected iPhones.

The main issue in this right now is the inability of the company to address the owner of the device. This is highly beneficial to the thieves as they can pretend like owners and avail the privileges. Apple seems like it does not consider the stolen devices and is relying on the honor system. This system works with a mindset thinking all whom approach it are owners.

For example, an iPhone owner named Kayla Mernard has lost her smartphone when she was using it in a park and after few days she received an e-mail stating her damaged phone is ready after repair at the Apple store. After which she approached the shop and claimed it back. But to her surprise, the employees refused to give it to her only because she did not bring it to them.

Right now, there is no solution to this issue but as the number of devices that are getting stolen the issue will also increase in number. There are some apps like iGotYa but they are not the concrete solutions for this. Apple has to bring some action to serve the handset owners and prevent the thieves or others from availing the benefits.

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