Apple to discontinue iPhone 3GS

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Apple to discontinue iPhone 3GS

Apple has been constantly sending directives to the application developers asking them to submit the screenshots of applications in the quality of Retina Display as they might soon discontinue the iPhone 3GS.

This submission of screenshots applies to both the newly developed ones and to the updated ones. The company requires high resolution images as it wants to ensure that the images are perfect for retina display.

The latest versions of the iPhone, 4 and 4S are of retina display with a resolution of 640 x 960 pixels which is quite higher than that of the 3GS which is 320 x 480 pixels. This difference makes some of the earlier apps redundant and their low resolution makes them incompatible to the Retina Display.

Now Apple wants to make sure that the AppStore is ready with the perfect apps by the time it has many devices of the high quality display in the consumer market. This development indicates the end of the normal screens with 320 x 480 resolution applications.

The iPhone 3GS was launched in 2009 and after the release of the 4S last year, the discussions on its discontinuation has started. Still many markets are generating good interest on this device. This requirement of developing high resolution apps should not be too difficult for the developers as they are already giving out products for these displays as well.

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