Apple vs Samsung: HTC Legal Settlement Details to Be Revealed by Apple, orders US Court

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Apple vs Samsung: HTC Legal Settlement Details to Be Revealed by Apple, orders US Court

Apple Inc. was ordered b y a U.S. court to reveal the details of a legal settlement reached between the U.S. Company and Taiwan’s HTC Corp to Samsung Electronics. The order also involves disclosing the terms of the patents licensing agreement for ten years reached between the two companies. A full copy of the agreement between Apple and HTC was ordered to be submitted at the earliest and is based on an Attorneys-Eyes-Only designation.

Samsung has filed a motion against Apple to compel it to divulge the details of the settlement reached between the other two companies in November 10, which were kept confidential. Samsung and Apple have been waging a bitter mobile patents legal war against each other across several countries.

Back in August, a U.S. jury declared Samsung guilty giving a $1.05 billion win to Apple when it found that the Korean electronics giant had infringed upon several of the iPhone maker’s patents for software and design.

According to legal experts, the terms and patents covered in the settlement and licensing agreement between Apple and HTC would prove to be crucial to Samsung, who is trying to thwart Apple’s efforts to impose a permanent ban on its products.

Samsung is adamant that some of the patents covered in the deal with HTC are the same ones covered in its own litigation with Apple.

The court statements say that Samsung had requested the addition of three of Apple’s newest products, iPad 4, iPod Touch 5 and iPad mini, to the list of devices which it claimed to have encroached upon some the patents owned by the Korean company. 

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