Apple wants to make India new iPad hub

Posted By: Rahul

Apple wants to make India new iPad hub

According to reports, Apple wants to make India as it's next new iPad hub. This is surely good news for  the digital market in India. Since India is not counted as one of the Apple hubs, this news will surely have a positive impact on both India & Apple.

The Apple new iPad is available in stores from today. People all over the world are queuing up today to lay their hands on the new iPad. But Indians are in for some disappointment as the tablet is still going to take some time to hit the stores in India. Reports also reveal that Apple is seriously considering making products exclusively targeting Indians.

Apple also intends to educate people in India about it's new iPad starting in some time. It expects a record number of sales in India. With features that are designed to provide users an intuitive computing, the iPad is sure to succeed say experts. Now all eyes will be set on the launch of the new iPad in India.

Experts also state that people in India are taking to the iPads & their subsequent versions. Since the iPads also provide people alternative work environments, Indians are opening up to the iPad. But this time irrespective of the “High Price Tag” , people will embrace the new iPad say experts.

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