Apple's iPad survives a crash from approximately 10,000 feet

Posted By: Rahul

Apple's iPad survives a crash from approximately 10,000 feet

Believe it or not, the Apple iPad secured with an Extreme Edge case has survived a fall from apprximately 10,000 feet.

This fact has been substantiated by G-Form, an iPad electronic case, protective cover manufacturer. In fact, the company representatives carried out a demonstration and recorded the footage live. The results were really astonishing as the iPad was fully operational even after falling from such a great height. This comes as a shot in the arm for both Apple & G-Form as both their products have exhibited robustness and strength along with the design quality.

This experiment was carried out in the American countryside Nevada. In this, the iPad was lifted to an altitude of 10,000 feet by a gas baloon and was released. Surprisingly, Apple gave it's nod for the experiment regardless of the result, but the result turned out to be a positive one for Apple.

The iPad had a free fall and crash landed on a rocky hillside. The valuators of the experiment were shocked to see that the iPad was in perfect shape and had not suffered damage. It was operational as well barring some functions.

The test clearly proves the trust-worthyness and robustness of both Apple and G-Form products.

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