Apple's next-gen phone will not be called iPhone 5?

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Apple's next-gen phone will not be called iPhone 5?

According to a Gizmodo report, Apple's next iPhone will not be called iPhone 5, rather it would be named as the iPhone.

Cupertino-based tech giant Apple launched the new iPad in March, 2012, the senior Vice President of Apple's Worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller said that the name iPad 3 would have been predictable. Reportedly, Schiller was quoted stating, “We've had many products where we've never used numbers. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't."

When it comes to the consumer front, there may be many who may not give much concern to what the next iPhone would be called, however, it is a known fact that Apple fanboys are surely concerned about what would be the name of Apple sixth generation smartphone.

There might be one more possibility that the next iPhone which is rumored to come in September can be also called iPhone 6, besides its common name iPhone 5. As it is not the fifth generation iPhone, but the sixth by Apple Inc. 

Moreover, few analysts have suggested that Apple could also stick to '4' as name for the next iPhone as it will be the first iPhone to support 4G networks.

So, the company could probably name the handset as iPhone 4G or iPhone 4GS.

Furthermore, it is quite a possibility that Apple might follow the same strategy that was used with the iPad. The iPhone 5 could be named “The New iPhone” as it is a completely redesigned smartphone.

However, mostly, industry insiders assume that as consumers are more acquaint with calling their new iPad as iPad 3 and also Apple has previously named its iPhones as iPhone 3 and 3GS, 4 and 4S. So, this time, it could be name the next flagship model as iPhone 5 only.

But one never knows, maybe Apple might have something entirely different in mind, that would surprise all. What could be the name of the next iPhone? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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