ARM Predicts 64-bit LTE Smartphones will ship for under Rs 4,500

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Smartphone Chipset architecture maker ARM has tweeted its 15 predictions about its industry in 2015. The areas covered include smartphones, wearables, IoT, security and servers. According to the chipmaker's prediction, almost half of the smartphone will have 64 bit instruction set and 64-bit LTE smartphone will be shipped under $70.

Now ARM is really impressed with the Chinese markets with its huge revolution is the smartphone markets. It also predicts that, once the Chinese semiconductor makers start working on IoT, they will deliver significant design wins. At present, there are no Chinese companies, working on the Android wear. But, if they start with cheap production cost and innovative design, the situation will change.

ARM Predicts 64-bit LTE Smartphones will ship for under Rs 4,500

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The rest of ARM's predictions are as follows:

  • Biometrics will drive alternative user ID strategies
  • Mobile operators will deploy smartphone services as de facto healthcare for rural areas
  • IoT biggest revenues will be in cities and enterprises
  • Increasing cyberattack concerns will drive hardware security from sensor to server
  • More OEMs and internet companies will acquire semiconductor vendors to drive their USP into value chain
  • Massive mobile payment surge with "Chip and Pin" and smartphones will make retail more efficient
  • Benchmark data will shift end-user choice to purpose-optimized servers versus monolithic approaches
  • Effort will turn to efficiency + form factor as wirelessly chargeable consumer devices enter market
  • Latest IoT buzz will shift from wearables to robotics
  • Diverse IoT standards groups will start to consolidate as industry begins maturing
  • System Perf demands will move NFV from software on server to tightly coupled hardware accelerators.

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