Artistic robot than can sketch portraits

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Artistic robot than can sketch portraits

The researchers are yet to present an all new artistic robot that has exhibits its intelligence soon as a person takes a seat on the stool that is placed in front of it.

The robot has a camera that is mounted on its arm and this records the image of the model or person and then whips its pencil out and then traces the portrait of the person on its easel.

After a short time span of about ten minutes, the robot grabs out the work and presents to the public proudly.

The installation of this robot was developed by the artists of the robotlab group at the Center of Art and Media ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.

The robot is equipped with the image evaluation process that helps it to use the sense of light. The edge processing software makes it to find the contrast in image and then translate this to the movements of its arm.

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