Asus Teases a New ‘Thin’ Hybrid Device: To Be Showcased at Computex 2014 Next Week

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With any tech shows just around the corner, most of the technology firms, especially tablet/PC/ smartphone makers get all excited and it starts making noise in a weird manner. The entire act is somewhat close to serving a spoon of mayonnaise in an empty platter. And what will be offered next in the same platter is what they want us to get excited about.

Asus Teases a New ‘Thin’ Hybrid Device Ahead of Computex 2014

If you didn't understand the entire thing above, we are actually talking about a video teasers which actually shows nothing but makes the audiences pretty excited. With the Computex 2014 all set to kick start this June 3rd, Taiwanese PC maker Asus has started teasing its upcoming product in two different videos.

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First one doesn't reveal anything and it just features a person who writes "The Next Incredible Thing". Once he finishes writing, the "thin" part of "thing" lights up, and then shatters into multiple bits. Thus, you can expect something very thin from Asus at the upcoming Computex 2104.

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Another video teaser which is posed in YouTube is pretty interesting, it's called "What will it blend?" It features a man wearing a lab coat, with a tablet, a notebook, and a smartphone on a table surrounding a blender. The person then proceeds to place each device into a blender, which suggests that Asus may release something that combines all three devices into one.

This could either mean a hybrid Notebook with a detachable display which would come possibly come with a voice calling capability as well.

You can have a look at the video below:

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You can watch the other teaser here.

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