Badges identifying verification are handed out by Google+

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Badges identifying verification are handed out by Google+


Google+, the emerging social networking site is now busy in promoting some trust among the users in their platform. Google+ has recently added an entirely new attribute known as Badges to it. Badge is similar to a certification that is made on some specified user's profile and it is a dark gray colored checkmark engraved on the top of a circle of light gray. As the mouse is moved across it, it includes a phrase: Verified name. This feature is placed adjacent to the name of the user that is already verified by Google+.

As per an official of Google, this feature is to verify the real identity of the users. When the other users come across the profile of a public figure or a celebrity, they can see the verification badge adjacent to the profile name and hence helps the users in identifying the real profiles. Right now, this badge option is implemented only for celebrities, public figures, users added to innumerable users' circles, actors and politicians. Still the number of users who can follow a particular user is not announced by Google+.

The verification process or procedure used to verify the high profile personae and the celebrities is intact. Quite a number of users of that level are already authenticated by the site and few of them owning verified profiles are Dolly Parton and Facebook's Zuckerberg.

When it comes to social media or networking sites with genuine and real high profiled users, Google+ is surely a member in the list. Google+ along with Facebook and Twitter lets the users to interact completely and be updated with those they view as important in the current growing and living world wide digital community.

Google+ implemented a policy for real-name and this forces the users to create an identity for themselves and present them using their true name, disclosing their gender and more. This social media website has gone to the extent of deleting the accounts that proved to be false or doubtful too. This in-fact generated complaints from many users but the site has posed an amicable style of approach. Google+ offers the users with a way to repair and appeal the non-compliance.

Despite of this solution offered by the website, the users still press that they revise this policy. Some of them argue that certain users cannot reveal true identity or all the details and require anonymity like the political dissidents who voice out causes and opinions or the abused spouses coming out with the issues that happen to them. The anonymity will let them be protected and secured from the pseudonyms.

Google+ was launched in the month of June 2011 and has about 25 million members now. The member list goes on increasing with the users sending invites to others they know. The demand is growing largely since launch and the website has started to operate the beta testing version for the growing user list.

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