Bangladesh hackers attack Indian websites

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Bangladesh hackers attack Indian websites

In 2012, BlackHAT hackers of Bangladesh have carried out the first large scale hacking spree. The group has attacked over 20,000 Indian websites like Indian Border Security Force.

The BSF website, is completely damaged in the hacking process and the group's community page states that this action is a response to the killing made by the BSF personnel in the India-Bangladesh border.

The Facebook fan page of the Black Hat group has a post that states that they do not have personal issues with the Indians and that the BSF and the Indian Government were too brutal that has forced them to do so.

Another post states that India had supported the country in 1971 and now they are killing them while another states that the motherland needs victory and that death cannot scare them.

The group has also hacked which offers Stock News and Tips. After defacing over 20,000 Indian sites, they posted a warning message that asks BSF to stop killing the Bangladeshis in the border.

Another group of hackers named 3xp1r3 Cyber Army has hacked over 700 Indian websites. These hackers are posting the alleged videos of the BSF personnel behaving brutally at the border.

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