Battery issue in the Nokia Lumia 800

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Battery issue in the Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 is one of the most awaited gadgets from one of the giants in the mobile phone industry; Nokia. There is no doubt that people are eagerly waiting for this superb handset to reach the retail stores. But unfortunately, it seems like Nokia Lumia 800 is struggling with its battery life. Earlier we had a battery issue with the latest gadget from Apple; iPhone 4S.

The information on Nokia Lumia’s issues related to battery life came up when the users in UK registered complaints on the battery life of the product. According to a UK based user, the battery drains out from charge within few hours after charged fully.

The users said that they charged the handset in the night and they could later find in the morning that the battery had been drained up to 35%.

Surprisingly the users claim that the phone was not at all used after it was fully charged. According to the announcement made by Nokia authorities earlier, the gadget has to provide efficient battery life because of the 7740 update in it.

But it is a serious surprise that the Nokia Lumia available at present is still having 7720 version of the Mango OS. However, the users who have updated the latest version are still reported to be facing with the same issue. There are also reports that the gadget gets switch off because of battery problem.

Well, at this point of time there is no official acknowledgement made by Nokia authorities. But it is obvious that if the issue still continues than we can expect Nokia to come up with some remedies.

As far as Nokia Lumia 800 is concerned, it is one of the most awaited handset across the globe which runs on the brilliant Windows operating system. It also features an elegant touch screen of 3.7 inches which is also enhanced with AMOLED ClearBlack glass. The camera in the phone is of 8 mega pixels. Above all the Windows OS ensures high class performance.

Nokia Lumia 800 is yet to reach the India market. Regarding the price tag of the product in India it is expected to be somewhere around Rs 30, 000. Any way, we can expect that the battery issue will not be there in all the handsets. It has been just a few days that Nokia Lumia 800 has reached the UK market.

It is expected to reach the other markets shortly. At this point of time the crisis is an obvious issue for the company. There is huge group of buyers waiting for the gadget to be released across the globe.

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