Bengaluru Man Duped With Fake iPhone On Flipkart


Online shopping platforms are a boon to our fast-paced lifestyles. And no doubt, scrolling through shopping sites is one of the favorite past times nowadays. We often take advantage of ordering products while being cozy at home or while on the go. But, it's not always you get a good online shopping experience.

Bengaluru Man Duped With Fake iPhone On Flipkart

Flipkart, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in India was recently in the headlines for delivering the wrong product to a customer. Well, it seems like the company is somehow failing to stop these wrong and fake product deliveries and history is being repeated.

The Case

According to a report from IBTimes, a consumer named Rajani Kant Kushwaha had placed on order for Apple iPhone 11 Pro on Flipkart. Kushwaha made the payment of Rs. 93,900 (discounts included) and was waiting for the delivery.

However, little to his knowledge, Flipkart had an unusual surprise waiting. While the device delivered looked like an iPhone (iPhone XS and not the iPhone 11 Pro), it had completely different internals.

The handset was running on Android instead of iOS and had some pre-installed Android apps as well. Moreover, the triple-rear camera was just a gimmick which turned out to be a sticker. The fake product delivery came as a shocker for Khushwaha who contacted Flipkart for the issue.

It is being said that Flipkart has acknowledged the issue and has also promised the consumer a replacement. However, the replacement is yet to be done. Delivery of fake and wrong products has been a major concern for online buyers.

And Flipkart seems to have a tough time fending off such incidents from being repeated. Just a few weeks ago, another consumer who ordered a camera in Kannur, Kerala worth Rs. 27,500 received a box of tiles. The e-commerce giant had promised the user a new camera.


With majority of users shifting towards the online shopping segment, it's high time that e-commerce platforms bring effective measures to curb this duping of consumers by sellers on their platforms.

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