Black Friday Online Deals Hit India: 5 Tricks Every Smart Shopper Should Know

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Black Friday is finally upon us. And while it has nothing to do with in India (in terms of beliefs, at least), it's yet another chance for us here to buy a bunch of stuff with some of the best deals in town. And this is sure to attract a major number of people, especially the shopaholics amongst us.

As you may expect, with so many deals around and each of the websites offering so much, there will be a huge rush to deal with for both the shopping sites and the shoppers trying to get their hands on few of the best deals in town. To be perfectly honest, we are already seeing a bit of rush.

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However, as far as Indian shoppers are concerned, these deals are mostly available only in the US. Hence, getting access to these deals can only be carried out by a relative residing there. But that shouldn't be a worry with online shopping sector growing rapidly. And here are 5 things every smart shopper should know.

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Make a List

If you really are a dedicated shopper, you will probably know this. If not, however, do some research before hand. It's always best to be prepared with the list of shopping sites beforehand rather than trying to find out about them in the last moment. Check all your favorite shopping sites such as Flipkart or Amazon and note down the offers.

Know About Cyber Monday

While Black Friday will see a lot of rush with people opting for a host of different things to buy, there's some treat at the end of it of you are in the mix for anything tech. Apparently, some of the best deals of the week on electronics are available on ‘Cyber Monday' (December 1). Know that Cyber Monday deals are exclusive to online sites such as eBay and Amazon.

Package Forwarding

There will be a host of sites that will although offer some of the best deals in town, will not ship their stuff outside the country. This is where the package forwarding services take over. The service has the product delivered to their local warehouse before shipping it on their own to customers abroad. You can choose services offered by banks like MyUS(HDFC), Borderlinx (Citibank) and others.

Calculate Shipping, Customs

But if you are indeed the luckier ones to actually get an abroad shipping service for the product from the dealer, make sure you calculate the shipping and customs that are also involved with the deal. The best thing you can do here is pick a shipping service that'll charge for customs up front. And that it will also clear it from customs if needed.

Global Shipping, Especially India

Always try to get hold of a site that offers shipping to India in the first place. Sites such as Amazon US, eBay and Newegg alresdy ship most of their goods to India with details on the shipping and customs. This adds a layer of added security to the product's safe arrival.

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